November 20, 2011

Looking for new ground!

G'day folks "we" are finishing in Violet Brodie Park, Greenmount Queensland. Now there is still plenty of weeds left for anyone with a care! But the lantana "that was, isn't". And that goes for most of the privet too.

The post "Lantana by the short and curly" is work done in Violet and see these other photos.

We will miss you Violet!

Some of your "visitors" are leaving Violet

Thank goodness it was "itchy" with them here!

The manners of Privet, leaving Violet without so much as a thank you!

But now "we" gotta go!
So what's the "new main weed"?

Surprise surprise it's lantana!

Well this lantana is "bigger / older" than in Violet ( it's within the same country mile as Voilet) and it's not beyond us / our method / Tower Power! If we can mount the Tower Power over it's gone!
But "getting the Tower Power over" is the big deal! We are well equipped with secateurs, loppers and saws but relying on those means we would have to "do" every plant in 2 / 3 acres, that's a "big ask" in this "mechanised world"! (and we are not stupid)
So if anyone has had good results knocking down lantana as shown to knee high stumps (want knee high stumps for easy attachment to Tower Power) we'd be pleased to know! (I have used a brushcutter against similar lantana but that's hard work and heavy / wearing on the machine / don't want possible repairs)

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  1. Lovely to find you now have a blog Euan and thankyou you for joining mine. I haven't posted much lately though. Look forward to seeing more of your developments in weed eradication. Wish I had this kind of help at the Gum Tree Garden Studio. Cheers Joan