October 28, 2011

Gone in 60 seconds

 Zero Time, it's a lovely day!
 15 Seconds, cut yourself some room
35 Seconds, stamp and lever to loosen lantana
 50 Seconds, lever pull and cut lantana "free"
Gone in 60 seconds!

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October 27, 2011


During 2001 I joined a local / Toowoomba group clearing weeds from our bushland parks. In the beginning I “treated” the weeds by the chemical cut stump method but soon found that exercise left me wanting a more definite physical outcome. I remembered my mother’s tenet / direction of 60 years ago, “take a plant out by the roots and its dead”. Well some “things” have changed; I now have wonky knees and a burpy tummy! So my application to find a physical manner of weed “removal by the roots” led me to concentrate on a long handle shovel.
Root Blade is recognition that a narrower mouth delivers more “thrust” from a stamp, that the concave mouth concentrates the force of the thrust onto the root (quite enough to cut through plant roots) and as Sir Walter Raleigh is alleged to have mused as he eyed the executioner’s axe “Tis a sharp medicine, but will cure the worst disease” steel will always sever flesh / plant cellouse!  Add to this the Root Blade “delivers” a 100 mm uplift for a 90 degree leverage. So stamp the Root Blade point below a plant, lever it down and that plant “rises” 100 mm.  Cut the roots free with secateurs / loppers. Replace loose dirt and tamp. I have found this an enjoyable 30 / 60 second exercise.
Extract from supporting statement for “Brothers Grimm use Root Blade” (see website quoted and written by John, tall bloke on the right)
“It is amazing how much area can be cleared by two septuagenarians and an octogenarian working for one morning each week. It keeps us fit, provides good outdoor exercise and is socially and environmentally beneficial. We need more volunteers.
The Root Blade was invented and developed by Euan McLean (on the left) and has proved to be the easiest and most useful way of uprooting broadleaved privet, lantana and other woody weeds. Nothing survives the Root Blade! Euan continues to develop tools to fit the job.”